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Acrylic on Canvas   |   By Marjaneh Afkhami

From love to hate, bliss to rage, might to fear, hope to despair, there is an extremity to each spectrum of emotions—a heated extremity when our inner thoughts melt into pure feelings that then takeover our bodies in an attempt to materialize into this world. In no part of the body is that phenomenon more apparent than on our faces.

4"x4" Mosaics 

Mosaics 4"x6" Set

6"x8" Portrait

Queen Series

12" x 30"

A series celebrating all women inspired by strong historical characters of different civilizations and tribes. They do not depict any particular person but the idea of a prominent matriarch. balancing between the suffocation of certain societal and cultural pressures on women while using their position to not only hold the society and family together but fight for the rights of women and children within that society. An old story that still continues to this day.


12" x 16"